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Hooked on J Bay, 16 Oosterland Street, next to Potters Place
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All-in-One and what it is all about!

I started All-in-One about 10 years ago when my Bull Terrier had terrible skin problems. All I could do was give him Antibiotics etc. which caused other health problems. So I decided to find out what else I could do to help him. I tried lots of things but nothing helped until I discovered something which I thought I had to share with others. I started making All-in-One and gave it to friends and family to see if it worked. And it did, I have been selling All-in-One now for about 10 years and still have customers coming back for more.

The amazing part is that you cannot only treat your pets but yourself too. All-in-One can be used for a sore throat by gargling it, assists with burns, sun burns or mosquito bites by spraying it on, eye and ear infections and skin allergies and so much more. If you think it could help it probably will....that is why I called it All-in-One

One day I went to a braai and the person who started the fire caught fire, his shirt was burning and his hand was burning. we immediately treated him with All-in-One and he had no scares afterwards whatsoever, nobody could believe what they saw. All-in-One saved him......

The next important part about the product is that All-in-One is completely natural, has no side effects and therefore cannot harm you or your pets.

I was always against any kind of medicine especially cortisone and antibiotics and I believe that there must be something else out there which could assist me in curing an ailment - and most of the times there is


Skin problems, Eye infections, Ear infections, Burns, Sunburn, Mosquito bites, Sore throat, Itchy skin, pet allergies, Pet skin problems, Skin rash, Itchy dog skin treatment


Angelika Blackie